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Susan's Art Club is guaranteed to be FUN, CREATIVE & FRIENDLY... a place to meet new people and try new things!

Through an exciting mix of creative projects, children, who are in P4-P7, are encouraged to stretch their abilities and express individual ideas using a wide variety of different media:

Drawing: Pencils, oil and chalk pastels, charcoal, aquarelle pencils, Indian ink, making sketchbooks.

Painting: Watercolours, acrylic and tempera paints, on paper, canvas and board - portraits, abstract and still life paintings, collage.

Ceramics - pottery & sculptural projects, clay work is always bisque fired and painted.

Sculpture: Models created using papier-mache, clay and wire.

Graphic design projects: illustration, lettering, greetings cards.

The club is run by Susan Dalgleish who studied at Edinburgh College of Art where she gained an Honours Degree and Postgraduate Diploma in Art & Design.
Susan is a practising Artist running a successful business from her own studio in Morningside.

After teaching Susan's Art Club successfully for many years Susan has gained valuable experience in communicating with children in this age group. She has observed that their artistic skill improves with encouragement and practice, while self-confidence grows as new skills are developed.

A mother comments: “He is confident, inspired, calm, after Art Club ...he is proud of what he has made ...it’s good ...his self-esteem is noticeably improved.”

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